About Us

Optimizing Efficiency In Our Field

Customized water heating units to improve your profitability

We are located in the heart of oil and gas country at Brooks, Alta., Canada. After a combined 30 years of experience working with pressurized water heating systems, we saw a need in the industry for a more efficient, large volume water heater.

With a patented exhaust heat collection system, our non-pressurized water heaters run at 95% efficiency. They are versatile in their mounting applications and can convert easily between diesel, propane and natural gas fuels.

Adaptable, Safe Heaters For Use In Any Application

Currently, the majority of our units are working for clients in the oil and gas sector for frac water heating.

However, the portability and reliability of our water heaters allows for potential application in any instances requiring large volumes of hot water, including residential or office high-rises, factories, and mines.